Sharp Bros Watch Collaboration

Come view Aladdin’s new works beginning December 4th through the 8th @ the Spectrum Miami tent.

Innovative watch company Sharp Bros. will collaborate with Legendary Street Painter Aladdin to debut its’ Seven Sins Timepiece at the Spectrum Miami Art Fair, December 4-8, 2019.

At the Sharp Bros Booth (C), visitors will learn about the new Timepiece and experience Sins Inspired pieces, as well as live painting demonstrations by legendary artist Aladdin during the week long event. As well, on a daily basis there will be giveaways and/or raffles for Sharp Bros merchandise and for every piece of Artwork that is sold a complimentary Seven Sins watch will be offered to the buyer.

About the Artist: 
Aladdin is a legend and pioneer of the graffiti movement in California. He has been featured in countless magazine, Book’s, music videos, film documentaries, and his work has appeared on 2 NBA Posters. He has featured interviews on numerous television, radio, NPR and newspaper pieces. He has shown his work in various galleries and has been an additional artist in the “Burning Desire” exhibit which originally features Los Angeles Graffiti Artists such as Hex, Slick, and more. He is also a featured artist in various books on street art “Painting the Towns – Murals of California” by James Prigoff – Author and Graffiti Art Historian. And  “The History of American Graffiti” book by Roger Gastman and Caleb Neelon.

About Sharp Bros.:
SHARP BROS. was born alongside of the SEVEN SINS watch. We feel a watch is a cultural icon that provides simplicity, style, and craftsmanship. It creates a relationship with time; never ending, always progressing.

Stephen, a Creative Designer and instigator. Kerim, a die-hard innovator and enabler. Sharp Bros. was born in a bar with Mickey Mouse, cocktails, a goth girl, and The Stooges’ first album blaring.

With a 20+ year background in graffiti, graphic design, and tattoos, Stephen has been working on this concept for years. Kerim, with an eye for innovation and the guru of mass production, quality control, and logisitcs was able to see the potential behind the idea. So it began . . .

They were in a bar discussing life, liquor, and literature when the bartender (wearing a Mickey Mouse watch) stopped making the drink to check his instagram alert. Stephen, annoyed, thought right then and there: “Everyone is glued to their screens and competing on social media. No one is living their own lives. They are comparing their lives to others through social media instead of living their lives for themselves. That is a problem, an epidemic. Social Media has a place but only as a record. Not a guide. We want to enable everyone to express their own unique vision. Our watches grant people the power to narrate their journey through time. Euphoria, confusion, anger, and remorse all encapsulated between the ticks of the hands.”

Defined by its unique, first ever sins window and full 300m water resistance, the Seven Sins is an inspirational watch for guiding you through your days. Each day a new sin is shown giving you the choice to rebel or embrace it. How will you go through your day?

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